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Want to help a family forget cancer, even during COVID-19?

Nominate that family now


All of us are tasked with everyday responsibilities, but for the family affected by cancer, these things become burdens that weigh much heavier.  Our mission at The December 5th Fund is to give back a day without worry. We plan an entire day of activities and fun, and while the family is out enjoying their day, our volunteers are back at their home, tackling household chores often ignored when someone in the family has cancer. When they return, it's to a house full of hope and love, not a to-do list. The December 5th Fund strives to help families forget cancer, just for one day.

During these times of uncertainty and unexpected changes, our team has found ways to continue our same great mission. We're excited to share our new non-contact programming, developed to provide a day to forget cancer, while also adhering to recommended safety guidelines.

Here's a sample of the experiences and support we plan to offer:

  • Experiences: 
    • Curbside Magician/Juggler/DJ sent to the home and kept within a safe distance for the family to enjoy
    • Lunch or dinner delivered from their favorite restaurant
  • Support
    • Weekly meal, laundry, and lawn care services
    • Instacart gift cards, Disney+ for 1-year, fresh produce delivery, and much more


  • The family member MUST be undergoing some form of treatment for cancer. This includes chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, stem cell transplant, or precision medicine.
  • If the person with cancer is in remission or near remission, congratulations... our support is not needed!
  • By nominating someone, YOU or SOMEONE YOU KNOW will be the primary point of contact for the entire planning phase. You must be privy to treatment schedules and personal schedules in order for us to plan the best day possible for this family.
  • View the map below to see the areas that we potentially serve.


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