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Forget cancer, just for one day

What if a family, burdened by the daily struggles of cancer, could have a day filled with joy and laughter? A day to not worry about treatments. A home free of clutter and repairs. What if this family could forget cancer, just for one day?

The December 5th Fund’s mission is to give an amazing day without worry to a family dealing with cancer. While the family is out enjoying their day, our volunteers are back at their home tackling household chores often ignored when someone in the family has cancer. When the family returns, it’s to a house of hope and love, not a to-do list.
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The weather is a little crummy today but that didn’t stop us from reviewing another property for a new D5F family. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks to signup for this outdoor-only volunteer opportunity. #bethegood #december5thfund ...

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For the first time in over a year we stepped foot onto the property of a family who needs our help. As we walked the property, there was an air of excitement hanging over our heads knowing that something special was about to happen. Be on the lookout in the coming months for this outdoor only #volunteer opportunity. #bethegood #december5thfund ...

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It’s pretty amazing what wearing a mask can do. Not only can it stop the transmission of a deadly disease, but it can also prompt a conversation over 1000 miles away because someone was wearing a D5F mask in their hometown of Naples, FL.

This conversation then led to a nomination for someone who is unfortunately about an hour out of our service area. However, since the nomination was so compelling and heartwarming, we’re sending this mom a new iPad to take to treatments and to also communicate a little easier with her out-of-town family. We’re also making sure she has some fresh meals delivered to her doorstep so we set her up with a HomeChef subscription.

Every day we’re given the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes it’s obvious while other times it’s not. Either way, try to seize those moments. #bethegood #december5thfund

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We just wrapped up our final delivery of the day to the night shift at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Through our December 5th Initiative, 850 meals total were prepared for essential workers by numerous restaurants across the St. Louis and Metro East area. ALL IN ONE DAY.

5 years ago a family was blessed with ONE GREAT DAY. That great day has since inspired a mission and vision that has touched countless lives and will continue to do so because of your unwavering support for us.

From all of us at D5F, your support during these unprecedented times has allowed us to give back in bigger and brighter ways this year. But most importanly, THANK YOU for allowing us to continue to make December 5th THE BEST DAY POSSIBLE. #d5f2020

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We’ve got a huge coordinated effort going on right now to show support for essential workers and local restaurants. Be on the lookout for pics throughout the day as we deliver meals to hospitals all over the St. Louis and Metro East area. #D5F2020 ...

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Today is a day that changed a family's life forever. On this day, the events that took place would eventually become a founding principle that we hold near and dear to our hearts at The December 5th Fund.

This principle being that today will only happen once, and it's up to us to make it the best day possible. #D5F2020 #december5thfund

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Twas the night before December 5th... and our friends at Here Comes Santa are giving a D5F family a magical outdoor experience. Santa, Mrs. Claus, and their jolly crew will visit with the family while they enjoy the Christmas lights we put up earlier this week. From all of us at D5F, thank you for helping us make their day! ...

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We’re all about pivoting at D5F and COVID-19 has been our biggest pivot yet. Over the course of the last 6 months we’ve continually modified our programming so that it can address all of the needs for the families we serve. During that time, our welcome gifts have evolved for each family and continue to get better because of your generous support. Our latest one included; numerous items to take to treatment; Nintendo switch lites for the kids while they stay overnight with family and friends during treatment; an Apple Watch for Mom to track her health; a nice cooler for Dad to quickly stuff the gifted lasagnas and casseroles into while he’s running errands around the neighborhood (this happens a lot). We’re anxious and excited to get back to our old programming, but until then, we’ll keep pivoting so we can continue to provide the best experiences and care possible. ...

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This past weekend, D5F helped give a little girl an exceptional birthday party. The night prior, STL Yard Cards setup a pleasant surprise for her to wake up to then the family was treated to a catered meal from P'sghetti's Pasta & Sandwiches. Our friends from SAMMY J Balloon Creations - St Louis Balloons then put together an amazing Rapunzel themed balloon sculpture, followed by a magic show from Abra-Kid-Abra. The day was then capped off by the Cool Times Ice Cream Truck, and the family could order all the sweet treats they could imagine.

Prior to this amazing day, the family has been receiving weekly laundry, lawn care, and meal prep services, all in part because of your generous support.

From all of us at D5F, thank you for helping us make their day. #december5thfund #community

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We’re putting a lot of new safety measures in place for our families and volunteers. Be on the lookout for our new procedures and guidelines for all volunteer opportunities going forward. #december5thfund #volunteer #community ...

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The Junior Executive Directors are helping out today. 6 D5F families are currently receiving meal prep, laundry, and lawn care services while they navigate through these difficult times. We also have some cool social distancing experiences in the works that will definitely bring some smiles to their faces. #bethegood #december5thfund ...

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