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1 Out of 8 Women

1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with some form of breast cancer in their life. Together we can spread awareness, increase prevention and reduce those alarming statistics. With our #CancerPinkySwear coalition, we can fight breast cancer; Awareness and prevention are the answers.


  1. PAINT your pinky pink.
  2. COMMIT to scheduling your annual well-woman visit with your OBGYN and ask about getting your mammogram too.
  3. WEAR your pinky pink all month long to spread the word about breast cancer awareness – someone will ask “why is your pinky pink” – now you get to tell them why.
  4. HELP prevent breast cancer through awareness and reduce the chances of being that 1 out of 8 statistic who will be diagnosed with breast cancer sometime in your/her life.
  5. SHARE. Share your photos and experiences on social media with the hashtag #cancerpinkyswear to create awareness all throughout the month of October. Talk to your friends and family members. Tell them why you are painting your pinky. Encourage them to paint their pinky, schedule their well-woman visits / mammogram, take a photo of their pinky and post it online as well. The more people talking about scheduling their appointments, the better. There is strength in numbers!

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