The December 5th Fund

Do you know a family affected by cancer that could use a great day?

Nominate that family now

Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the giving spirit. Nominate a family today.


  • The family member MUST be undergoing some form of treatment for cancer. This includes chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, stem cell transplant, or precision medicine. 

Attach a PDF or Word Doc telling us why you think a family with cancer needs a great day, and we'll take it from there. Please make sure to include YOUR contact information, NOT the family that you're nominating. Once we review your information, someone from our thoughtful and caring team will contact you to begin the planning process. 

*We're currently only accepting applications for families that are within a 25 mile radius of St. Louis, MO. 

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