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Beth Wehrmann
Board Member

This organization has touched so many lives of people who deal with unimaginable hardships.  I’ve admired everything that has been done so far.  I’ve seen, first hand, how The December 5thFund impacts the lives of families dealing with the devastating diagnosis of cancer. It makes my heart so happy to see rays of light break through the cloud that cancer tries to cast out, and I am so excited to play even a small part in helping those rays break through.

When I’m not dedicating my time to families affected by cancer, I have 3 active boys, Sam (10), Patrick (8), and Henry (4), and I absolutely adore being with them and my family. My 3 boys inspire me every day. Their hearts overflow with love, compassion, and respect for everyone, and they’re living examples of how we are all supposed to live. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of all things Disney. Some might call me a fanatic, but I prefer to say passionate.  Disney brings out the child in me, and seeing my children’s faces light up with joy is one of my greatest pleasures.