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Tosha Anderson
Non-profit CPA & Advisor

I made a choice about 7 years ago to commit my career to working with non-profits. After realizing the increasing demands on non-profits and organizations’ inability to hire talented and skilled people with limited budgets, I couldn’t resist wanting to help them. I draw inspiration from those who are willing to take leaps of faith and move towards a more intentional life. This philosophy has helped me launch my business, The Charity CFO.

When I’m not helping non-profits, I am very involved in my church, volunteer with organizations I am passionate about, spend time with my husband, chase my two-year-old daughter around, read, and travel.

I’m also a minimalist at heart, by eliminating the clutter – both in the belongings you have, the relationships I keep, and the schedules I manage, I can focus on what matters. Family. Friends. The sense of Purpose. Intentional Living.