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As you probably know, December 5th is a special day for me. It was a day that changed my family's life forever. A memorable day filled with love, laughter, and life which taught us to love with all our hearts, laugh without abandon and live life to its fullest.

December 5th is our biggest day to give back. A day to say thanks and to show people everywhere what happens when people come together to make positive changes in the community.

The idea is simple - make unexpected, small gestures for people all over your city on Wednesday, December 5th, then hand out our notecards to the recipient(s), or leave it behind for them to find later. If you'd like, you can also add a personal note to each notecard.

A few examples from last year:

  • Adopt a puppy for someone - Yes, we did this!
  • Purchase breakfast for teachers or first responders
  • Give flowers to a stranger
  • Fill up some gas tanks
  • Leave hand warmers at the bus station
  • If you have an idea that may seem expensive, send us an email - We'll try to make it happen on our end

Here's what I need from you:

  • A commitment that you'll participate. Send us a private message on Facebook or email us at info@december5th.org
  • Once you commit, we can provide you with the materials that you'll need on December 5th. If you're out of town, click on this link to download the file.
  • Finally, show love and goodwill. That's really what this is all about, spreading love and goodwill to strangers.

Let's do some good together.